Necessity is the mother of innovation

At Peugeot, we pride ourselves in innovation. But for any of our ideas to make it as far as the drawing board, we have to see true merit for you the driver. There are countless techy bells and whistles that we could develop for our cars, but we like to be able to say that all our inventions meet a genuine need. For example the 1007 is the first car with frontĀ electric sliding doors, perfect for ever-increasingly busy streets and decreasing car park space. And the 607 was the first car ever to be fitted with a self-regenerating particulate filter as standard that drastically cuts exhaust pollution. To find out more about our innovative spirit, click here.

Peugeot iOn - 100% Electric Car

The long-awaited, 100% electric, next generation full sized car is now a reality. Peugeot is making the iOn available not just for a few intrepid adventurers, but for a wide customer base made up of private individuals, professionals and public services all of whom are convinced and resolved to take together the first step towards a new type of mobility.

Navigating ever-changing technology

2007 saw the launch of our new RT4 integrated Multi Media system. Its 30 gigabyte hard drive has loads of space for 180 hours of music and a full European mapping system. What's more, with real time traffic updates and an integrated hands-free GSM phone you'll be able to safely ring ahead and let them know you're not going to be late. To get under the skin of the new RT4, click here

Shaping the future

At Peugeot we understand that building cars for a brighter, cleaner automotive future isn't just about cutting down on the bad-stuff - it's about enjoyment too. That's why when we were designing the new Peugeot 308 Hybrid (revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show) we knew performance was as important as emissions. So the 16 kW motor doesn't just keep CO2 down to a tiny 90g/km, it also improves acceleration by pitching in to help the diesel engine when sharp acceleration is needed. So not only does our 308 hybrid use 38% less fuel in the combined cycle than our standard 308 Hdi - it's quicker off the mark too! To get under the bonnet of this exciting development, click here.


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