Servicing Intervals

Your Peugeot service center has the personnel, facilities and equipment to carry out the best possible servicing and maintenance of your Peugeot. With Fixed Price Servicing, the cost of each scheduled service and what it includes is clear. Ask for the fixed price maintenance price schedule at your preferred dealership should you be in doubt.

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Spare Parts

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Why Servicing?

Regular maintenance together with exclusive use of genuine parts is the key to economy, safety and reliability of your car. As Peugeot technicians know your vehicles better than anyone. They are the best equipped to look after your Peugeot and protect your investment.

Please ensure you follow the recommended Maintenance Service Schedule for your vehicle as noted in your Owners Manual Package.

Special attention should be made to the replacement of the Timing Belt every 3 to 5 years depending on your vehicle/engine configuration. Check with us for your schedule. If this belt breaks it can ruin the complete engine.

The engine Coolant used is a special synthetic type. Only the original Peugeot Fluid should be used for most models.

When comparing prices for servicing your Peugeot, please ask our competitors what they include with their service package and compare to our schedules.

Always insist they use original spare parts, and ensure that they replace your AL4 Automatic gearbox oil ONLY with the special Peugeot AL4 transmission fluid, not with DEXTRON type which is to be used only in some models over 12 years old with the 4HP14 gearboxes only.



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